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Coming September 2014

Double Dutch Ranch Series: 

Love at First Sight #2


Heartbreak's Reward

One wrong turn. Two broken families. Brought together by chance...and need. 

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Book One 

Cowboy Boss and his Destiny

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Coming Soon! Cover Reveal ~ Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight #2

I'm so excited for this second book in my new series

Cover Reveal Coming Soon. 

Summer 2014 Release

Book One is available now. 


Cowboy Boss and his Destiny


Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight #1
A standalone novel

Romantic and Passionate Warm your heart and give your nerve endings a tingle at the same time


Tristan Carlson does the best he can to raise his four-year-old daughter on his own. His mother remains on the Double Dutch to lend a hand—giving him the ability to maintain the ranch, tend to his horses, and keep up his small-time ranching magazine. His attractive, new assistant is everything he wants in a woman, including her ginger-red hair. He finds it hard to keep her out of his arms—especially since she doesn’t mind being in his embrace. But from his experience with women lately, he’s learned that some don’t want a ready-made family. This one seems different, and he’s falling hard. But, there’s his little blue-eyed girl, and he’ll protect Destiny’s heart with everything within him. Until he knows for sure…

Living the good life in a big city for many years, Nora Trinity ends up a statistic after the magazine she works for makes cutbacks. Despite a family betrayal from her past that still needs mending, she moves back home to the small town of Canyon Junction, Arizona, with forgiveness on her mind. When she is hired by a local rancher to help with his ranching magazine, she finds herself profoundly attracted to him, and the feeling is mutual. The thing is, her sexy boss comes as a package deal, and his little girl is immediately drawn to her. It’s not just about two hearts taking a chance now—or two people falling in love… Nora has to be sure of what she wants before she takes on the cowboy and his child.

Reader Advisory: Sensual Love Scenes

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Book #2 
Jase's story
Summer 2014

Book #1.5
A novella after Cowboy Boss and his Destiny ends. 
Cowboy Boss is standalone, but their story isn't over.
Winter 2014

Book #3
Dane Carlson's story
Before Spring 2015

Book #4
A new love blooms at the Double Dutch

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COVER REVEAL Hey, Cowboy (Bull Rider Series 2)

 This reveal has been a long time coming! 
The cover and blurb for the second book in the Bull Rider Series.
Hey, Cowboy #2 
Coming 2014

Hey, Cowboy Blurb

The rowdy bull rider and classy Italian are at it again.

 In Hey, Cowboy, a break in the season finds Velia Armano and Caulder McCutchen back in Tucson, Arizona. Family, friends, and rowdy cowboys are brought together to share in their joy…and sometimes their pain.

The last year with the cowboy has given her trust and strength like she’s never known. But, her strength is weakened. Enemies harbor a vendetta against her and her family…and anyone who gets in their way. Fear will not dictate her happiness or rob her of a future filled with love.

Caulder vows to protect Velia, yet little does he know the lengths he’ll have to go— He learns that sometimes a hero has to prove he is one.

He’d like to give her the world, be the man she needs, but an injury during break threatens his career. How can he give her everything when his future hangs in the balance?

All they ask for is a peaceful life together—a new bull riding season with a chance to win the coveted gold buckle, and their happily ever after.

Happiness is within reach if their burning love is strong enough to overcome enemies plotting against Velia’s family—and a possible career-ending injury for Caulder.

Come along and see what happens when the feisty Italian takes a longer ride with the rowdy bull rider.

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News and Updates ~ Bull Rider Series and More

I don't update this blog much anymore, but I keep it because of all the posts I don't want to toss away. If you visit me here, I'd love if you hopped on over to A Walk With Words where you'll find updated info and regular blog posts. 

Bull Rider Series Books On Sale

Right now Howdy, Ma'am Book #1 is on sale at Amazon. Kindle Edition only. Ends August 5, 2013.

Do you know there is also a paperback?

More News

The second book in the Bull Rider Series, HEY, COWBOY Book #2, is going has gone to the editor. I'll be doing a cover reveal for this book very soon. I'm working on a blurb. This second book picks up right after Howdy, Ma'am ends.  Caulder hired her for a season in book one. Now the season is over...

In fact, I'll be doing two cover reveals. One is for a new contemporary western romance I'll have out for Christmas. This novella length romance already has a blurb!


Both Howdy, Ma'am and Hey, Cowboy can be added on Goodreads. I plan on adding the new holiday novella later, too.

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New Release Howdy, Ma'am, Book #1

After talking about this hunky bull rider and his feisty photographer for months, 
Howdy, Ma'am, Book One in the Bull Rider Series is finally here. 

Howdy, Ma'am, Book #1 is a stand-alone book

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Amazon Canada, Germany, Brazil, 
Japan, France, India, Italy, Mexico, Spain

 (Extended Version)
Velia Armano had the strength to walk away from an abusive husband. After throwing a dart on the map, she moved from Chicago to Tucson, Arizona and opened her own photography studio—at the cost of leaving behind her close-knit, prominent Italian family.

Recovering from the physical and mental abuse she endured, she builds confidence, welcomes independence, and regains her self-worth.

Six months into her well ordered life alone, a hunky cowboy saunters in with his howdy, ma’am and flame blue eyes, offering a job any photographer would find hard to refuse. She accepts his offer, and discovers they both have their own obstacles to overcome. While trying to resist his heated embrace and gentle nature, she hopes to find the right answer before the season ends—to remain in her self-appointed exile, or give in to a “happily ever after”.

Bull rider Caulder McCutchen wants to start living again. But this year he has a good chance of winning the coveted buckle, knowing he has to ride harder, go bigger, or go home. Winning consumes him, but it doesn’t take away the pain from a tremendous loss less than two years ago.

On a whim, he hires a feisty photographer to travel the bull riding circuit with him for a season. A little extra publicity can’t hurt, and she’s easy on the eyes. When he finds himself passionately attracted to her, will this sassy little Italian photographer prove to be just what his claim to fame needs—or a disastrous distraction? When the season ends, who wins the real prize?

Come along and see what happens when classy takes a trip with rowdy.
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Book Two in the Bull Rider Series
Coming Soon!
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Will it Fade Away?

It's quite obvious this blog isn't used like my other blog A Walk With Words. I'd like to invite you to sign up with my other blog. I'll be posting a little of everything there, so the blog name seems to fit. My current posts are about my newest release, which will happen soon. The book cover is finished and I'm talking with an editor who just sent back my sample pages. She seems satisfied, and I know I am with the edits she returned.

I created a new page there to announce my current release, but I added Coming Soon. At this point, I don't have a release date. It depends on the editing process. I hope you're curious enough to visit that blog and stick around awhile to learn of my current works and other information. I do an occasional Meme and Thursday 13. Every now and then I will write about a prompt I found interesting, or write what's on my mind. You're all invited. It will be great to have you along as I take a walk with words. Was that cheesy? Oh, it's okay. I know it sounded cheesy. You know, it's just who I am sometimes.LOL See you across the net. 


What To Do?

I'm getting to the point of wondering what to do with this blog. Most of my posts now appear at A Walk With Words, my other blog. Sometimes I will post links here to something I wrote there, and I don't know if that's a good idea or bad idea. I like the idea of having a writing blog separate from a rambling blog, but I don't keep this up as much as the other. I like the idea of using Blogger, and sometimes I can only log in to comments on other blogs, with this URL. What to do?

 I'm still in the process of editing one completed novel. I've put some works in progress to the side so I can concentrate on finishing the one I'm editing now. This happens to be a 2010 NaNo novel. With this one out of the way, and either submitted or put on Kindle, I can concentrate on getting my Enchantment series books revised and put on Kindle. For now, the few works in progress I have are starting to drive me crazy. Each one calls to me to come back. But, with self-discipline I'm going to stick to the current WIP. More details on this at A Walk With Words, so if you'd like to hop over to that blog and read my current post concerning My Promise, Love Always Wins I'd be pleased.